January 15, 2009

I Guess We'll Have To Wait Until AFTER January 20 For The Unicorns To Clean The Planet

In the same vein as celebrities burning up tons of jet fuel to fly to a concert to tell us to stop using oil, The Inauguration Of The Messiah, Vol. 1, will generate a lot of CO2.

  • Celebrities, politicians, and bigwigs using 600 private jets will produce 25,320,000 POUNDS of CO2
  • Personal vehicles could account for 262,483,200 POUNDS of CO2
  • In the parade, horses alone will produce more than 400 POUNDS of CO2
  • The total carbon footprint for the Inauguration will likely exceed 575 million POUNDS of CO2
  • It would take the average U.S. household 57,598 years to produce a carbon footprint equal to that of the new president’s housewarming party
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