August 17, 2009

A Tribute To Not Backing Down, Vol. 2

I doubt any of what I am about to write is truly original or insightful(not that that's stopped me before), but the recent admissions by key Democrats that the "death panels" and "public option" will be/are dropped from the Health Care Reform Debate brings to mind a few points:

1) Our side should must stay vigilant and not get complacent. I am not going to go all Admiral Ackbar and scream that "It's a trap", but no Obamacare bills have made their way through either chamber, or through conference reconciliation. So, some of this stuff may still get reinserted when the Democrats believe nobody is looking.

2) Once again, the fearlessness and courage of many average folks on our side who refused to get fucked up the ass by this piece of shit legislation to go out and protest, speak up at town halls, write letters, harass Congressmen, and endure beatings and harassment from the Obama rent a thugs is proof that not surrendering an inch to them and sticking to our guns (metaphorically) will cause them to back down and even consider ditching aspects of Obamacare. All of this while the other side has supermajorities in both houses of Congress. And who would have thought that YouTube, which helped sink George Allen with the tape of him calling that one Webb staffer a "macaca", may help sink Obamacare, what with all of the videos of SEIU/ACORN thugs being themselves and Congresscritters saying and doing stupid things and then running away from their constituents?

3) And, finally, once again former Gov. Sarah Palin proved how utterly relevant and awesome she is. Yeah, I was bummed when she resigned the Governorship, but by one Facebook posting, she was able to dramatically alter the debate on Health Care, and once again, the left (and too many assclowns on our side), who thought she was finished, washed up, and irrelevant, were caught off guard by her and her statements, along with her refusal to back away from her "Death Panel" statements. And once again, she has reduced her opponents to a quivering pile of douchebaggery not by screams and force, but by sticking her neck out, standing firm, and kicking the fucking collective asses of anybody who dared take her or her statements on.

How many more fucking times must the leaders on our side realize that the Beltway Consensus sucks more ass than a staff meeting for Media Matters? How many more fucking times must the Beltway Consensus realize that the average folks aren't going to take the Extra Value Meal Shit Sandwich lying down? And how many more fucking times will the Dipshits in the Beltway realize that people such as Sarah Palin, as "washed up and irrelevant" as they think, can and will shape the debate just by being there and not abandoning her principles and beliefs?

The Beltway Consenus may think they know better than the rest of us, but the past few weeks have proven how assfistingly stupid they really are. You can spit on us, beat on us, ignore us, and mistreat us. But you do it at your own professional peril.

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