December 01, 2009

If This Is True, We Need To Nuke The RNC Out Of Orbit

Seriously, I really, really, really hope this is a joke, mistake, hallucination, or political gamesmanship. I mean, if the usual suspects and RINO traitors help carry Obamacare over the finish line, we need to nuke the RNC and start over.

Oh, and let me get in a preemptive message out to the RINOs/RNC/Dipshit Express:


Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you up your wrinkled RINO asses with rationed sodomy and the polling data that shows Obamacare is radioactive. Fuck you for even thinking of working with the Democrats on this piece of shit legislation. Fuck you for doing anything but trying to kill this bill from the FAIL Lagoon. And fuck you for then turning around and claiming that your inherent assfistingness should constitute "statesmanship".

History is calling you, you fuckfaces, and telling you to so all you can to stop this fucking bill so that there will be a history to discuss. For the sake of our future, stop this bill. For the sake of your careers, stop this bill. For a true statesman status, stop this bill. And for the sake of your own fundraising, stop this bill.

Again, I hope this is some sort of gamesmanship. But, then again, seeing that John McCain, the Marquis of Mistakes, is in the middle of this milking of the prostate gland of shittiness, I am worried. And I shope that JD Hayworth is watching in Arizona, because I will donate money to him to defeat McCain if his actions help push Obamacare down our throats.

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