December 27, 2007

Gaia to Smite the Unfaithful Neocons In a Great Flood, so Sayeth Some Random Liberal Dumbass

This is great!  The impotent, self-important rage, mindless liberal talking points and Gaia worship make it seem like someone distilled a DU thread into a small article...of course, when you read the profile of the chump who wrote it, its no surprise that he put forth such crazy in such a limited format. 

Our chump starts off by lamenting that we're doomed to a catastrophic disaster because of Global Warming, but then notes a "silver lining."  At this point, he declares that the neocons shall be swept from the South by a glorious flood, and that the heartland shall turn to dust, essentially destroying the red states.  He then says they should welcome the neocons driven out by the Great Flood, but to make sure they have no political say, how progressive of him...

Question for the liberal chump, how do you think you're going to get these people to go along with losing their political voice should your mythical flood happen?  You do realize one side has all the guns (hint: its not yours), right?

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