October 20, 2009

No surprise here: Media hides NHS horror stories from the public

Some dude at Real Clear Politics notes the media has done a complete blackout on NHS horror stories, and sites a couple, I know we've covered the main one he links in our FAIL Britannia series.  It's of course not surprising that the media does this.  It's also not surprising that the GOP is too stupid or pussy to force the issue into the public.  They ought to be on every Sunday talk show, any TV spot, calling press conferences, and using these stories to force the issue.  Start reading news stories, verbatim, if a media hack tries to stop 'em, show 'em your pimphand is way strong, then finish the article.  GOP.com should have a page with an endless list of links of NHS and Canadian health care horror stories, and be ready to links to caches or maintain caches themselves.  That's how it should be done, but it won't be.  Because the GOP is full of dullards and sissies.

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