July 17, 2008

ABC NEWS ALERT: Our Lord and Savior Spent 188 Minutes Among the Masses

At first I was considering voting for McCain, but ABC News has convinced me that this is an error.  After all, what has McCain ever done that could possible match this:

ABC News' Sunlen Miller Reports: While Obama spent 91 minutes at a campaign event yesterday, the Illinois Senator spent a total of 188 minutes in the gym yesterday – making three separate stops to Chicago gyms over the course of one day.

The presumptive nominee started his Tuesday with a short morning work out at the gym of his friend and longtime aide Mike Signator’s apartment building.

The article is not without its disappointments, though.  For example they say he spent 188 minutes at three different gyms, but they fail to say how much time was spent at each site.  Layers, indeed!

Related: The panelists at RedEye bathe in His countenance.

Update: I cleaned up my loose shit.  He was at the gym 188 minutes, not 91.

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