August 02, 2009

California makes me laugh.

California, that test bed for leftist thought, is going down.

Now, on the one hand, that's funny, on the other hand, we know who will have to bail them out, Tarp III: Let's Make the Rubble Bounce.
First up, we have California's budget woes. They are about $26 billion short. I know, chump change to Obama, but that's a lot of money.

So the GOP decided to try to do something besides increasing taxes. Dem heads exploded as they tried to wrap their minds around that thought.
The GOP introduced a measure to increase off-shore drilling at existing platforms.
Quote from John Fund
Thanks to the environmental lobby, it mustered only three Democratic votes and was defeated 43 to 28 with nine abstentions.

So the Dems can't have their subjects... errrr... constituents knowing they refused to increase revenue in a non-taxful way, so (More from Fund)
A motion to expunge the vote from the public record was made by Democratic floor leader Alberto Torrico and was approved by voice vote. It disappeared from the public record as if it had been erased, in an effort to hide their decision from voters.

They're don't have a " need to know". After all, those damn Tea Party assholes are already causing problems, imagine if they found out about this?
And how did the Dems try to close the budget chasm?

Some $1.2 billion of the money “saved” in the budget deal comes from simply shifting the day state workers get paid by one day into the next fiscal year. Cities and counties will sue to declare the state’s $3.2 billion raid on their property tax revenue unconstitutional, and they might well win in court. And the state could likely see another $6 billion to $8 billion deficit open up as early as October, forcing a new budget Band-Aid.

Creative accounting, that's how.
Enron just called, they're jealous and they're mad at Arthur Anderson for not thinking that up. They might sue.

Okay, so CA is screwed and their politicians are refusing to do anything except raise taxes and do some of the voodoo that they do so poorly. 
In steps the SEIU.
California's largest state employees' union voted on Saturday to approve a strike authorization measure to protest furloughs of state workers and pressure state officials to ratify its labor contract.

So the CA Dems tried to do something to stop the madness and their biggest supporters, the unions, are telling them to go take a flying ass fuck at a rolling doughnut and threatening a strike.

Funnily enough, I'm rooting for a strike. How hysterical will it be when Californians discover that they can survive without those assholes? It'll be even funnier when they don't have to pay the salaries of 95,000 workers and save a metric crap-load of money. And to make it even funnier, how hysterical (in at least two senses of the word) will it be when Minitru freaks out and calls Californians assholes? Again.

If I didn't think it was going to cost us many $billions, I would be laughing harder. It's just too endy to be as funny as it should be.

I think that bailing out states is coming and it will lead to catastrophe as the money goes to Obama's friends (NY, IL, CA, MA, et al.) and ignores Republican states. I figure, at first most of the GOP states will not want to take the money, but as the $billions keep piling up in Dem states, they'll be forced to try to get in on the game.

Since Chicago machine politics does not include being nice to your enemies, the attempt will fall flat. We'll have Minitru denying anything is wrong and calling GOP types "greedy bastiches who didn't want the money 2 weeks ago" and we'll see Joe Biden calling Tim Pawlenty unpatriotic, Nancy Pelosi calling Jindal a traitor and well, you know the routine. It'll all be "uncoordinated" and yet, the talking points will be widespread.

I really wish I was a pollster, I would love to do a poll on how many Americans want to give California back to Mexico.
Since you can get around 20-28% of Americans to say "yes" to anything on any poll and you could probably add in a lot of La Raza supporters (like, oh, our next Supreme Court Justice),  that would be one funny poll to publicize.

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