September 27, 2008

Something Tells Me This Dude Is Not Happy With The State Of Affairs In His Country

And he thinks he has an idea of who should be running the show.

And that begs a question. Do we want a man with neoprene hair running the country? Or would we be better off in these difficult times sticking with the man on his right. Someone who seems to be in genuine pain whenever he’s told to smile. All week, the Labour Party conference has been full to overflowing with commentators trying to get an inside track on who’s doing what to whom and where and what the implications might be. And you know something? It doesn’t make a ha’porth of difference. Honest to God, you could put a horse in Downing Street and your life would either be exactly the same . . . or possibly a little bit better.
Ok, so what's your solution?
So, how’s this for a plan? Instead of being asked to vote on who runs the country, we should ask instead how we want it running. Instead of 650 ruddy-faced old crones bouncing up and down on their secretaries and their sense of self-importance, why don’t we all just take it in turns to pop in once a week to respond to things that have cropped up. That way, we’d have someone from a carpet shop in Huddersfield one week and then a trainee vet from Bude the next. Would they do a worse job than the 650? I doubt it. And because they’d only last a week, they wouldn’t be able to do much damage. Or get the impression that what they thought might actually matter. That said, when it was my turn, there’d be a bit of a hiccup. Because you’d wake up on Tuesday to find the M4 bus lane had gone, all the nation’s speed cameras in the bin and a letter saying I’d gone to the pub to turn all the money I would have put in a pension scheme into urine, via beer.
Well played, sir. Well played.

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