January 23, 2009

While you're at it, could you also ban the bugs from crawling under my skin?

This starts out as a pretty standard lefty screed against the use of "torture" in interrogations...

Within days or even hours of his swearing in, President Barack Obama is expected to sign an executive order prohibiting any agent of government from committing acts of torture -- an order that would incontrovertibly reject as illegal, inhumane, and a violation of international law and treaties the catalogue of "enhanced interrogation techniques" practiced by officially-sanctioned operatives of the Bush-Cheney administration.
But then, after some stuff about waterboarding and the (of course) scare-quoted "war on terror," it veers hard into Crazytown...
Example: A nationwide, government-funded covert vigilante network, comprised of citizen "community watch" and anti-terrorism volunteers and off-duty or retired public safety, military and intelligence officers, who systematically stalk and inflict physical punishment on American citizens who have been unjustly "targeted" by authorities as "dissidents," "troublemakers," "whistle-blowers" or "undesirables."

These operatives are said to employ high-tech devices such as the latest generation of silent, radiation-emitting "directed energy weapons" to degrade the physical health of their targets -- what victims of so-called organized community "gang stalking" deem as an officially-sanctioned slow genocide.
I'm pretty sure the Freemasons are behind the whole scheme.  Them, and Con-Agra Foods.  And the Interstellar Reptiloids.


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