October 29, 2008

Once The Hunter Leaves An Area, The Prey Returns, Emboldened Like Never Before

I know Ace left Boston to return to New York, but I didn't realize the hobos in New England felt they could be as brazen as this once the Master Hunter left town.

Stack told police he sleeps in the garage of his home, and that the two men both wearing dark-colored hooded sweatshirts, surprised him in bed where he fell asleep listening to the radio.

According to the police report, Stack told police "a lot of his friends are homeless" and that "all his friends knew that he had a lot of cash on him, due to hearing that the stock market was doing bad and that he should pull his money out of the banks" and that he kept a "cash reserve at home."

Police said a chain on the gate at the end of the driveway of Stack's home had been cut and that there was a large hole in the fence beside the house.

Stack said he gave the men his wallet containing $4,000 in $100 and $50 bills. He said the assailants then tied his wrists and legs together while lying facedown on the bed, and that they punched him and asked for the keys to his 2001 Green Volkswagen Jetta.

Before leaving, they told Stack, 'If you call the police, we'll kill you."

According to police, there were "several coins leading from the lawn into the woods." Stack told police that he also kept a large amount of coins in the house and he believes the robbers took some of them.

After Prescott and Santiago left, Stack used a pair of scissors to free his wrists and called police at 7:22 p.m.

And how did these hobos spend the money? Rent? Food? ACORN/Obama voter registration?

Hell no! They spent it like a true hobo would.

The suspects allegedly abandoned Stack's car in the Mr. Tux parking lot on Merrimack Street in Lawrence and took a taxi to the Hampton Inn Express on Winthrop Avenue in Lawrence. They paid the cab driver $50, spent $60 in alcohol and another $400 in crack cocaine before renting two rooms at the hotel, which they paid for with $100 bills, police said.

Santiago and Prescott, along with another man and woman, also homeless, were celebrating Prescott's 45th birthday Saturday, police said.

Stack told police that he recognized a woman at the hotel party also as being a guest at Bread & Roses, and that he hired her about a month ago to clean his house.

Stack told police that the woman "may have stolen about $3,000 from his wallet on that occasion."

In court yesterday, Prescott and Santiago were represented by defense attorneys Thomas Sheehan and Alicia McNeil.

Judge Kevin Gaffney ordered them held without bail at the Essex House of Correction in Middleton, until the case is continued tomorrow.

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