July 22, 2009

Dandified, Foppish NY Times House Conservative Never Fails To Drink From The Toilet Bowl Of FAIL

David Brooks must believe that if he just overwhelms us with wave after wave of stupidity, we'll just give up and walk away. I mean, how the fuck can you explain this prepackaged pile of shit (warning: NYT Link)?

We’re only in the early stages of the liberal suicide march, but there already have been three phases. First, there was the stimulus package. You would have thought that a stimulus package would be designed to fight unemployment and stimulate the economy during a recession {you would. If dumbfuck idiots like you and the rest of the Yachting Club Cocktail Partry Set were kept away from the levers of power-ed.} But Congressional Democrats used it as a pretext to pay for $787 billion worth of pet programs with borrowed money. Only 11 percent of the money will be spent by the end of the fiscal year — a triumph of ideology over pragmatism {and somebody who claims to be as smart as you do was/is surprised? I hereby revoke my daughter's application package to Yale-ed.}.

Then there is the budget. Instead of allaying moderate anxieties about the deficits, the budget is expected to increase the government debt by $11 trillion between 2009 and 2019 {with help from your beloved Moderate RINOs, I might add. But don't let details get in the way of your fantasy world-ed.}.

Finally, there is health care. Every cliché Ann Coulter throws at the Democrats is gloriously fulfilled by the Democratic health care bills {and that's a bad thing? You are upset that a woman who has more of a pair of balls than you do is willing to fight Obama? Color me shocked!-ed.}. The bills do almost nothing to control health care inflation. They are modeled on the Massachusetts health reform law that is currently coming apart at the seams precisely because it doesn’t control costs. They do little to reward efficient providers and reform inefficient ones {yaknow, maybe you should have researched the bill a little bit instead of relying upon soiled cocktail napkins for your talking points-ed.}.

The House bill adds $239 billion to the federal deficit during the first 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office. It would pummel small businesses with an 8 percent payroll penalty. It would jack America’s top tax rate above those in Italy and France. Top earners in New York and California would be giving more than 55 percent of earnings to one government entity or another {yeah. And us rubes out here in flyover country knew this all along, but did you "smart" people listen? Nooooo-ed}.

Nancy Pelosi has lower approval ratings than Dick Cheney and far lower approval ratings than Sarah Palin {but more plastic in her body that Liberace playing with a wiffle ball bat. But I digress-ed.}. And yet Democrats have allowed her policy values to carry the day — this in an era in which independents dominate the electoral landscape {Funny. When you elect a party that has as its leaders hard core socialists, shit like this happened. Who Knew?-ed}.

Who’s going to stop this leftward surge {I dunno. Is this multiple choice? What about Dick Cheney's Wang. I always like that as my first choice-ed}? Months ago, it seemed as if Obama would lead a center-left coalition. Instead, he has deferred to the Old Bulls on Capitol Hill on issue after issue {No. He is leading them, since they are in agreement on most issues-ed}.

Machiavelli said a leader should be feared as well as loved {oohh! You read "The Prince". So did I. What the fuck is your point? You going to quote Aristotle next?-ed.}. Obama is loved by the Democratic chairmen, but he is not feared {yes he is. By the taxpayers-ed.}. On health care, Obama has emphasized cost control {where? Prove it. And don't just regurgitate White House Talking Points-ed}. The chairmen flouted his priorities because they don’t fear him. On cap and trade, Obama campaigned against giving away pollution offsets. The chairmen wrote their bill to do precisely that because they don’t fear him. On taxes, Obama promised that top tax rates would not go above Clinton-era levels {And you believed him? Who's the imbecile?-ed}. The chairmen flouted that promise because they don’t fear him {no. These bills reflect his true beliefs. He even promised to raise our electricity bills. You must have been tag teaming at the Regatta with George WIll the day that was mentioned.-ed.}.

Gah! I can't take any more. You get the point. It appears as old "Brooksie" is all upset that a Socialist President and Socialist Speaker of the House are running the Democrat Party. And yet, these Democrat "Moderates" come from the Red States. Would Brooks be happier allowing Heath Shuler to run the DNC? I doubt it.


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