April 30, 2010

Cornyn: Hmm, I'm noticing a sharp pain all of a sudden, as if I've been kicked in the balls repeatedly by my own political base

Odd that.  Cornyn says the Rubio/Crist primary was a learning lesson for him, and offers this,

"In this political environment," Cornyn said, "it's not necessarily helpful for candidates running in the states to have the national party chairman" endorse them.

Oh, I'm not so sure of that, it's more that the NRSC under Cornyn's leadership has demonstrated such profound tone-deafness and ignorance in their endorsement choices and statements, that they've provoked a nasty reaction from their own political base, who have decided the assorted GOP leaders are too incompetent to be trusted with doing this task anymore.

Cornyn has this too,

"More than any time than I've seen in the recent past," Cornyn added, "instead of a Contract for America [voters] want a Contract from America."

Cornyn said that voters don't want to "have their choices made" for them by the political elite. They want those in Washington to hear their voices.

See, he's got this wrong...which is of course typical, as he's a Republican in a leadership position, after all.  Also, this is partially wrong,

The more complicated truth, say top GOP officials from both wings of the party, is that an ornery conservative base is expressing its disgust for Republicans who have both flagrantly defied the party and represent a distrusted political establishment.

It’s not just that Crist has veered from party orthodoxy, though that’s part of it. Rather, he and his fellow endangered GOP centrists have been tagged as insiders at a time when voters are disgusted by Washington specifically and incumbents generally.

Yeah, we're damned pissed at the GOP leadership for their laziness and defying even the most basic principles of the Republican Party, but that's an oversimplification of what is happening here.  The base isn't simply pissed at centrists, or we'd be railing against Scott Brown, and we're not doing that.  Rather, we resent like hell the fact that, in essence, we elected/hired you, the GOP leadership, to do a job, and you're doing a fucking wretched one. 

Conservatives as a whole aren't exactly enthused by the thought of getting deeply involved in government, as it's a dirty, filthy, corrupt and corrupting force, whereas liberals view government as a religion and pseudo-god, so they're happy to wallow in the mud.  Conservatives are more than happy to vote, occasionally donate, maybe even volunteer a bit for the cause, but unlike leftists, who again, worship government power, they'd much rather be working and advancing in our careers/entrepreneurial endeavors, raising families and pursuing interests than have lives revolve around government and the party.  Conservatives resent like hell that not only did the GOP not do a job that conservatives hired them to do, not only were they impotent in resisting the left, but also complicit in helping create this leviathan.  The GOP has proven so fucking unreliable that conservatives are forced to take time away from their own lives to fix the disaster.  And they aren't happy about it.

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