June 03, 2010

Agree with Dan Riehl, I support Nikki Haley for SC governor

Will "Multiple Miggs" Folks is a punk, has no fucking proof of anything, he's a sleazy little cunt who just wishes he hit that.  Now we have this mincing douchebag claiming he boinked Nikki Haley too, of course, when we all know when he says he boinked Nikki Haley, he means he has manhandled by a large hairy leather-clad man named Bruce.  And of course we have this fucking yahoo calling her a raghead now.  I'm with Dan Riehl, I'm supporting Nikki Haley for SC Governor.  The way Republicans in SC are trying to smear Haley like the MFM did Palin is sickening.  Fuck the SC GOP establishment, what a bunch of vermin, no different than the Democrats.  No. Fucking. Different.

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