February 26, 2008

City of Chattanooga Goofs on Georgia Legislators For Lame Attempt at a Land Grab

Georgia has been facing low rainfall and is in a state of drought.  The state is also growing in a big way, with poorly planned sprawl, and it is causing serious problems with water supply.  The legislature is so desperate they tried to argue that their border was drawn up incorrectly, and that it should be a mile higher, which would give it access to the Tennessee River.

So what is Tennessee's response?  Pretty much dismissal, however, the mayor of Chattanooga is declaring a "Give Our Georgia Friends a Drink Day" and is sending the city of Atlanta a truck loaded with donated bottled water.   One of his aides is going to drive the water into Atlanta wearing a coonskin cap.  Click the link to see the proclamation, its kinda funny. 

The water shortage problem in Georgia is certainly serious, but having the Georgia legislature try to claim a chunk of Tennessee to get access to Tennessee's water is pure laziness on their part, when improving conservation, reservoirs, water systems and better city planning is what is necessary. 

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