June 27, 2008

Canadian Human Rights Council dismisses charges against Mark Steyn

One down, he still faces the British Columbia Human Rights Commission.  Allah links Ezra Levant's commentary on the situation,

The only question remaining is whether Heather MacNaughton, chief kangaroo of the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, will convict Maclean's. The "jurisprudence" is there; Maclean's surely is "guilty" of "likely" "exposing" someone to "hatred or contempt". Everyone's guilty of that; so the only question is who gets charged.

Levant and Allah have this right, this isn't over, the various Human Rights Commissions of Canada are likely to lay low for a while and try and pick off lower profile people until they get to where they can take out bigger fish like Steyn, Levant, publications like Maclean's and all the Canadian conservative bloggers they're going after. 

They're only declining to pursue these cases for now because they can't get away with it, politically speaking.  I wonder if they may well take out some conservative bloggers still, they might think they can get away with it because they don't have the clout of a Levant, Steyn or Maclean's.  Don't let them be right, Canada.

It is imperative we keep this type of blight on free speech in the Western world from spreading into the US any more than it has already. 

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