June 19, 2007

Anti-Semitic Slimeball Carter Cries Unfair When US, Israel, World at Large Works in Self Interest

Jimmuh has gotten a case of the vapors over the fact that the Zionist NeoCon Global Conspiracy is working in their own self-interest by refusing aid to bloodthirsty Palestinian terrorist organization  Hamas in favor of supporting the marginally less bloodthirsty Fatah.

Carter, who has devoted his life to working against Western interests, will not stand for this.  At a meeting of Irish human rights campaigners, Jimmuh declares that the US Goverments refusal to give Hamas funds to be embezzled and used to make Qassam rockets and buy AKs was "Criminal."  No, Jimmuh, you dementia-addled, overfilled colostomy bag,  your continued support of terrorist organizations is criminal!

He then complains that funding Fatah over Hamas is an effort by the dastardly Jooooos, the US, and Europe to divide the Palestinians into two peoples.

For Jew-Hating Jimmuh, this poses a problem.  How are the Palestinians ever gonna drive the Israelis into the sea if the Retards with Rockets that run Gaza are firing them at each other?

The Dopey Dhimmuh then beams with pride to tell how brilliant and shrewd the Homicidal Hamas were in the elections that put them in power. 

He then again complains that the Zionist NeoCon Global Conspiracy was working to undermine stability in Gaza by working with the less belligerent Abbas and refusing aid.   Jimmy, you ignorant prick, maybe it was because you were in busy doing whatever it was you were doing in the White House when we learned it here in the US, but elections have consequences, when the Palestinians voted for Hamas, who are bent on destroying Israel , the people decided that they wanted war, and they're getting war. 

 He then can't help but engage in a little idol worship over His Heroic Hamastines, as they were able to beat back the better equipped Fatah, because if its "superior skills and discipline."  Wow, Jimmuh, did they like, kill 50 wolverines with a twelve gauge and 'numbchucks' in Alaska too? 

Its funny how you claim to want peace Mr. Carter, but can't help but go into a mastubatory frenzy at the news of Hamas achieving military victory over Fatah, sounds like, oh...I dunno, somebody is picking sides?

Lastly, Jimmuh is pessimistic things are gonna change, and laments the Palestinians latest move toward sealing their fate in blood.  He of course blames America and the Jooooos, and the EU, not the muderous death cult that runs Gaza right now.  Poor, Carter, it must suck being a cheerleader for the international equivalent of the eternally crappy Detroit Lions.

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