March 07, 2008

And I Better Never Hear Another Word From the "Fall-in-Line" Wing of the GOP Again

You'll like this, a RINO faces strong conservative challenger Andy Harris in a Maryland primary race for Congress and the conservative actually wins for once.  Well, the RINO brigades aren't having it, and a bunch of them are now supporting the Democrat.  I'll make you jump to Sockless Joe's to see him skewer the petulant RINOs.

And Joe gets it right too, how bloody often are solid conservatives told to quit complaining, fall in line, eat the turd sandwich and grin while we do it?  Maybe its time for you RINOs and Fall-in-Line Republicans to fall in line for once, Hmm?  Its interesting to see the shoe on the other foot for once, and of course, exactly what we figure will happen happens. 

Speaking of which, sounds like he might be a good choice for those conservatives looking for local candidates to support this year.  Here's Andy Harris' site, he could use some help with all the turncoats he now has to deal with.  Other opportunities for conservatives here.

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